DS Paris Consulting and Translations has been a reliable partner for global organizations and corporate clients for many years.

Our Key Assets:

  • Specialized Translators with many years of translation experience
  • Quality Management based on mother tongue translation and proofreading of all texts
  • Accurate and high-quality translations targeted to our clients’ needs
  • Absolute adherence to your deadlines, even for short-term projects
  • Each project handled by one key contact person, even for large multilingual projects
About Us

We are a team of highly motivated and well-trained language and translation professionals. Our extensive network consisting of highly qualified and vastly experienced translation specialists and trusted partner agencies allows us to offer specialized translation services in a range of different fields and languages.

Our German offices can be found here: Sprachenservice-reichel.de

Our translators are not only trained translation specialists working in a range of fields but also authors of articles and textbooks on economics and translation. Some are also lecturers in language and translation studies at various universities.


Translations: We translate texts in specialist fields and guarantee successful communication strategies that will enhance your image, whether you ask us to translate business texts, technical documentation or legal texts such as contracts.

Transcreation: We adapt your marketing and advertising texts to the cultural expectations and conventions of your clients in the targeted market.

Proofreading: We proofread your texts and ensure that they are accurate and appropriate with regard to spelling, punctuation, grammar and style.

Certified translations: Translations that are to be submitted to the authorities or to courts are normally required to be certified. We will undertake the certification process for you.

Tools: For our translation projects, we use trusted and reliable software tools such as translation memory systems and terminology databases. We are happy to incorporate any company or in-house terminology into our translations if you provide us with the corresponding terminology lists or translation memories.

Specialist Fields and Languages

Business Communication: websites, newsletters, in-house and client magazines, brochures, flyers, catalogues, etc.
Business Management: contracts, terms and conditions, audit reports, training material, etc.
Tourism: our translators with literary backgrounds will find the perfect words to make your tourist destination come to life.

Medical and health: publications, patient brochures, internet platforms, academic articles etc.

Food and Nutrition: recipes, newsletters, food blogs, experience reports, press releases etc.

Technology: catalogues, manuals, documentation, datasheets, press releases

International Cooperation and Development: project reports, brochures, conference documents, etc.

Languages: Our main languages are German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. However, we can offer many other languages thanks to our extensive, constantly growing network of professional and trusted translators and agencies.

Our Values

Our key values are expert knowledge, professionalism and a total commitment to our clients’ needs
To be a professional translator, it is not enough to know two languages perfectly. A degree in translation studies and experience in translation projects are key requirements that enable our translators to find the perfect style and wording as well as the correct subject-specific terminology. Our translators all have a translation degree and always translate into their mother tongue.

Service and Quality
We are wholly focused on satisfying our clients’ needs.

Integrity, Privacy and Security
We adhere to the highest integrity and privacy standards. We will treat your documents in the strictest confidence.

Our commitment
We use our expertise to give something back to the community. Many of our translators support degree courses in translation studies and offer internships for translation students attending various universities.

DS Paris is a member of the German-French Chamber of Commerce (AHK France)


Our agency adheres to the highest standards of discretion and confidentiality. We work for large and well-known corporations as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs, in particular, appreciate our competence in helping them provide their services in a range of languages.

Testimonials from our German clients:

“We were very impressed with the quality of the service provided by DS Paris.”

“Your very competent manner and excellent knowledge and advice about different cultural conventions were very much appreciated both by our employees and our clients”.

Testimonials from French clients:

“Her excellent linguistic and intercultural skills together with her excellent understanding of our lines of business have helped us overcome any communication difficulties with German engineers with regard to both technical and legal aspects.”

“Doing business with Mrs Souveton-Reichel is a pleasure as she is a very competent and hard-working partner.”


DS Paris
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